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Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail is caused by the side of the nail growing down into the skin causing inflammation, pain, and sometimes an infection. Attempting to treat an ingrown nail at home by digging and cutting it out can increase your risk for infection and lead to ingrown nails in the future. If you are experiencing an ingrown nail, you should be seen by a foot and ankle specialist.

There are two main treatments for an ingrown nail. Both involve removing the section of nail that is ingrown after numbing the toe. If this is your first ingrown nail or if the skin has become infected, this procedure is performed in a way that the section of nail will grow back. This normally takes about six months. However, if you are having a recurrent problem with your ingrown nails that has been removed before, you may want to consider removing that section of nail permanently. This involves numbing the toe, cutting out the section of ingrown nail, and placing a chemical on the nail root which will prevent the section of nail from growing back.

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