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Black Toenails

Black toenails can result from a variety of things. An injury such as having the toe stepped on, something dropped on it or wearing improperly fitting shoes can cause the nail to develop blood under it. Athletes will often encounter a problem when the toe hits the end or the top of the shoe toe area. Sometimes, the bruise can lead to a fungal nail infection.

In rare circumstances it could be the sign of the cancer Melanoma or just the normal change in color that occurs with aging.

If you are a diabetic, any change in the color of your toenail should be evaluated. Contact our office to set up an appointment. The pressure, which caused the bruising of the nail, can cause a small sore under the toenail, and the sore can become infected.

Treatment may include making a small hole in the nail to allow the blood to come out or removing part or all of the loose nail back and applying a topical anti-fungal medication. If the skin under the nail is ulcerated, a topical antibiotic ointment should be applied. Our office can treat this condition especially patients with diabetes should not treat this condition themselves and should contact our office.

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