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Leg Problems


PROBLEM: Microscopic muscle strain at the muscle to bone interface on the shin bone causing pain and deep inflammation on the inside of the lower leg.


  • Excessive activity over a short period of time in an unconditioned athlete
  • Postural foot problems such as low arch feet or high arch feet
  • Tight muscles, particularly in the calf muscles


  • Pain along the shin bone at the beginning of an exercise or athletic activity that is moderate and then loosens within a few minutes
  • Pain may reappear in the midst of or at the end of the exercise or athletic activity


  • Mild to moderate tenderness to touch the shin bone over a one or two inch area
  • No swelling is usually present
  • If swelling is present, combined with moderately severe to severe tenderness, a stress fracture may be present- this happens frequently if shin splints are not promptly or adequately treated


  • Shin Splint compression sleeve to help reduce inflammation and support the muscle to bone interface
  • Custom molded prescription orthotics(shoe insert) to support any foot or leg postural malalignment
  • Physical therapy modalities to help reduce the deep inflammation at the muscle to bone interface
  • Oral anti-inflammatory medications to help reduce discomfort
  • Stretching of tight muscles to reduce overstrain on the muscle-bone interface
  • Night splint to reduce muscle tightness and low grade spasm of tight muscles while sleeping
  • Occasionally, immobilization in a walking boot or walking cast may be necessary to rest the area

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