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Ankle Sprain

The ankle is made of three bones that interact together through a system of ligaments, tendons, and a joint capsule. When there is an unnatural motion or an exaggerated motion of the ankle, it is termed an "ankle sprain." Most sprains are minor and people will not need or seek medical care. However, there are occasions when the sprain is severe enough that the ligaments (bands of tissue that connect bone to bone), tendons, or joint capsule can be torn.

Swelling, pain, bruising, and the inability to bear full weight on the injured ankle are indicators that you should see a foot and ankle specialist. We can test the specific ligaments of the ankle to ensure that they are not torn. We can also evaluate you for less common injuries to the tendons that are located around the ankle and damage to the cartilage of the ankle.

Recurrent ankle sprains are indicators that the ligaments supporting and stabilizing the outside of the ankle have been damaged and torn to the point where they are not functioning properly. When they can not stabilize the ankle, you risk future injury and recurrent sprains. You may need wear an ankle brace, especially during athletic activity to perform the role of the ligaments to keep the ankle stable.

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