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Brachymetatarsia is the congenital shortening of a metatarsal bone in the foot. This usually results in a deformity, most commonly affecting the fourth toe, such that it sits in a very abnormal shortened position. This can sometimes be a source for pain and discomfort. For others it can be a source of emotional discomfort as it may cause the young adolescent patient to feel insecure about allowing their foot to be seen.

This condition can be treated with a new surgical technique called “osteogenesis callus distraction”. Utilizing an external fixation device, the bone and soft tissues are gradually lengthened to restore a more normal appearing toe.

Dr. Robert K. Lee has lectured on this topic internationally and is an expert in the treatment of this condition. Call today for a consultation.

Case of brachmetatarsia

4 days after surgery

16 days after surgery

4 weeks after surgery

3 months after surgery

Brachymetatarsia surgically corrected

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