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Ankle Sprain


Ankle Pain

Why do my ankles continue to hurt?

Pain can make your life miserable. And when that pain is in your ankle, you feel it with almost every step you take. Fortunately, today’s sophisticated medical technology and therapies allow us to successfully treat virtually every type of ankle pain.

Swelling, tenderness and pain in the ankle often won’t go away without treatment by a licensed professional. California Foot & Ankle Institute brings you the expertise of ankle specialists. Because they specialize in the ankle, you can be certain that you are being cared for by a doctor who has seen hundreds of cases similar to yours.

Whether a problem arises from a fracture, arthritis, injury such as an ankle sprain or an active lifestyle, we bring the latest techniques to the diagnosis and treatment of the problem. Like many of our patients, B.J., Director of Network Services, featured in this article, had seen other doctors. She wondered if she was ever going to be able to resume an active lifestyle with her ankle problem.

"I slipped and fell on the floor in the kitchen at work and injured my left ankle in July. I had x-rays taken which did not disclose any fracture or dislocation. I re-injured my left ankle when I stepped into a pothole in the parking lot of an airport. I went back to the doctor and he stated that I had a bad sprain and treated me with a portable cast. After 4 months, my ankle still had severe pain as well as swelling and weakness. It had not improved, rather gotten worse. I went back to my doctor and he stated "It takes time to heal."

I was uneasy with that explanation and had a consultation with California Foot & Ankle Institute. They reviewed my x-rays and stated that they did not see anything on the x-ray. However, they stated, even though the x-rays did not reveal any problems, frequently there is damage to the ankle which needs to be looked at with an arthroscope to actually look at the cartilage for defects.

California Foot & Ankle Institute did an arthroscope of my ankle and found that the cartilage in the ankle had been severely damaged — and with MIS surgery repaired my ankle. The procedure was performed on an outpatient basis in an ambulatory surgery center. It was performed with minimally invasive surgery.

"Had I not had the surgery, I would still be suffering from the problem with a diagnosis of a bad sprain."


Are these procedures covered by medical insurance?

YES. Most insurance plans will pay for the procedure. Plus, your initial office consultation at California Foot & Ankle Institute is at no charge.

Is an outpatient surgical center comparable to a hospital?

YES. The trend today in the health care field is to do more of this type of procedure in an outpatient ambulatory surgical center setting because it has been proven to be safe and more comfortable for our patients.

The staff at California Foot & Ankle Institute is always available and welcomes questions and comments regarding foot surgery or foot care. It is just possible that you, a friend, or a family member can benefit from these modern advances in foot surgery and foot care

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