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Flat Feet

Don’t Let Your Children’s Flat Feet Deflate Their Life

Many children have the appearance of a low arch, poorly formed arch, or no ach at all. This is known medically as pronated feet. This has traditionally been classified as "normal" and that the child will “grow out of it.” There is a tendency for the child’s flat foot to be ignored or treated with benign neglect. The facts are that it is NOT normal, most children do NOT grow out of it and there IS cause for some concern. Many children end up with pain and problems in the lower extremity related to the flat feet or low arch feet as they mature if the condition is not addressed. The inability to keep up with their peers or maintain interest in physical or athletic activity can have profound effects upon their confidence and social development. Treatment of pronated feet and their associated problems can be treated effectively, in most cases, with a few conservative methods. A thorough history of the chief complaint, along with medical history, is taken. Observation of the child’s gait (walking pattern), shoe gear wear patterns, and radiographs (x-ray) are taken to evaluate the development of the child’s feet. Conservative treatment includes recommendations on shoe gear, custom molded prescription in-shoe orthotics, target strengthening of weak muscle groups as well as stretching of tight overworked muscles using physical therapy methods, and minimizing or avoiding barefoot walking. In a vast majority of cases, this treatment provides a noticeable positive response in a short period of time. In advanced flat foot cases where conservative treatment may be limited, recent surgical reconstructive techniques that are minimally invasive, have a shorter recovery period and can be performed in an outpatient setting are now available. Help your children take a step in the right direction by having their feet examined. Dr. Felton subspecializes in biomechanics, gait analysis and treatment of foot posture and gait-related disorders, as well as sports medicine of the foot and ankle.

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