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Nerve Surgery (Neuroma)

A neuroma is an abnormality of a nerve that has been damaged either by trauma or as a result of an abnormality of the foot. Neuromas most often in the ball of the foot, causing a pinched and inflamed nerve.

Morton’s neuromas are another common podiatric condition. Symptoms present as pain commonly between the third and fourth metatarsals that causes numbness, tingling, burning, or shooting pains into the involved toes. Patients often experience the sensation of an electric shock in the ball of the foot. Pressure from ill-fitting shoes appears to exacerbate the symptoms. The term neuroma actually refers to a benign nerve tumor in the foot. Standard treatments such as cortisone injections and surgery have led to less than optimal results. The Cryostar is a more effective treatment option for these painful nerve conditions. It has also proven effective for patients who have undergone previous surgical treatment with recurrence of the nerve tumor. Click Here for more information on cryosurgery.

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