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Drs Murray and Chang now offer in-office diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging.

The need for non-invasive diagnostics has never been greater in the population we see. Patients are increasingly demanding more sophisticated care, and ultrasound offers us the ability to do so. These exams are easily to perform, pathology specific, give real-time live results, and are inexpensive compared to MRI exams.

Our practice offers diagnostic Ultrasound with the Mindray DP-6600. With innovative technologies and optimized design our Mindray's Portable Ultrasound DP-6600 brings high quality digital diagnostic imaging to the clinical office setting.

What is Ultrasound Imaging?

Ultrasound (sonography) is a medical diagnostic technique which allows one to visualize and therefore examine a part of the human anatomy. The process incorporates the use of high frequency sound waves emitted from a probe and directed into a body. These sound waves penetrate and encounter the different tissue interfaces as they travels through the body. When sound encounters tissues or tissue planes, part of the wave is reflected back to receivers in this same probe. Different tissue interfaces cause a "reflective pattern" which is then sent to a computer. The computer processes the information and produces an image, which is sent to a video screen, printer, and or videocassette recorder. These images are then studied either "live" or at a later time to rule out any number of pathologies.

Pathology in which ultrasound will aid the podiatric physician in the office setting includes:

a. Morton’s neuroma
b. Achilles tendonitis, tears, ruptures.
c. Extensor and Flexor tendonitis, tears, ruptures.
d. Fibromas
e. Cysts, (ganglions)
f. Bone injury, contusions
g. Bursitis... retrocalcaneal, metatarsal etc.
h. Ligament... strain, tears.
i. Peroneal, anterior tibial tendonitis, tears, etc.
j. Heel spurs
k. Plantar fascia tears, inflammation
l. Muscle injury, rupture
m. Foreign bodies
n. Periarticular swelling
o. Joint swelling, capsulitis
p. Tarsal tunnel syndrome
q. Ultrasound guided injection or aspirations

Musculoskeletal ultrasonography for the patient should be viewed as an additional tool to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injury and disease. Patients of all ages can benefit from this diagnostic tool.

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