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Tick Bites


What to Do:

  1. If the tick is still attached to the skin, remove it:
    • Using fine-tipped tweezers, grasp the head of the tick close to the skin.
    • Firmly and steadily pull the tick straight out of the skin.  Do not twist the tick, or rock it from side to side while removing it.
  2. Put the tick in alcohol to kill it.
  3. Wash your hands and the site of the bite with soap and water.
  4. Swab the bite with alcohol.

Call a doctor if:
·        The tick may have been on the skin for more than 24 hours
·        Part of the tick remains in the skin after attempted removal
·        A rash of any kind (especially a red-ringed bull’s eye rash) develops
·        The area looks infected (increasing redness, warmth, swelling, pain, or oozing pus)
·        Symptoms like fever, headache, fatigue, chills, stiff neck or back, or muscle or joint aches develop 

Think Prevention!

  • While in wooded areas, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants.  Spray insect repellent (containing no more than 10% to 30% DEET) on exposed skin and clothing.  Always check skin after being in wooded areas – especially the scalp, behind the ears, the neck, under the arms, and the groin.

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