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Vein or Artery?

Bleeding from an artery flows quickly and in spurts, and the blood is bright red.  Bleeding from a vein flows evenly and the blood is dark red.

What to Do:
If the cut is severe and you can’t get to a hospital right away, begin this treatment:

  1. Rinse the wound and apply pressure to the cut with sterile gauze, a bandage, or a clean cloth
  2. If blood soaks through, place another bandage over the first and continue applying pressure.
  3. Raise the injured body part to slow the bleeding, but don’t apply a tourniquet.  When bleeding stops, cover the wound with a new, clean bandage.
  4. To minimize scarring, apply sunblock daily once the wound has fully healed.

Contact a doctor if the cut:

  1. Seems deep or the edges of the cut are widely separated
  2. Is on the lip and crosses the pink border onto the face
  3. Continues to ooze and bleed even after applying pressure
  4. Is from a bite (animal or human)

Seek emergency medical care if:

  1. A body part is partially or fully amputated
  2. Blood is spurting out of a cut and is difficult to control
  3. There is so much bleeding that bandages are becoming soaked

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