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Glossary - N


Necrosis: The death of living cells or tissues. Necrosis can be due, for example, to ischemia (lack of blood flow)

Necrotizing fasciitis:
A dangerous infection of soft-tissue that starts in the subcutaneous tissue (just below the skin) and spreads along the flat layers of fibrous tissue that separate different layers of tissue (fascial planes). It most commonly occurs in the arms, legs and abdominal wall. The death rate is up to 40%.

Nerve: A bundle of fibers that uses chemical and electrical signals to transmit sensory and motor information from one body part to another.

Neuralgia: Pain along the course of a nerve.

Neuritis: Inflammation of nerves.

Neuroma: A tumor that arises in nerve cells.

Neuropathy: Any and all disease or malfunction of the nerves.


  1. Any birthmark.
  2. A benign pigmented spot on the skin such as a mole (a cluster of melanocytes and supportive tissue that appears as a tan, brown, or flesh-colored spot on the skin).
  3. A benign blood vessel tumor on the skin such as a vascular nevus, a local collection of capillaries of the skin (a strawberry birthmark, stork mark, or port wine stain).

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