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Foot Odor and Smelly Feet

FootFreezer. com presents a new product!

No More Stinky Feet or Footwear!
  • Absorbs odor instantly on contact with your footwear..
  • It kills the bacteria that causes foot odor..
  • It dries up moisture that breed bacteria and prevents recurring problems..
  • Just give a few shakes into each shoe to distribute powder evenly..
  • We recommend applying Refresh Rx daily for the first 7 days and then once a week, or as needed.
  • In children´s footwear, parents will be pleased to find the "funky foot odor" gone in their sneakers FOR GOOD!!!!

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The Solution to Stinky Feet & Shoes


Don´t be embarrassed...this happens to be a universal problem that can easily be remedied. Did you ever go to visit someone who said "unwind, kick back, relax, take your shoes off, be comfy", then you turn around and everyone has left the room. Why? You took a shower, right? Well, what is the problem?

The answer is simple: you sweat from the almost quarter of a million sweat glands in each foot. Bacteria form and thrive in this damp and warm environment. When the bacteria break down as all cells do, a foul odor is the result of this decomposition; these tiny microorganisms and the odors are absorbed by your footwear and your socks. As a result, your feet and footwear get that sour, sweaty, stinky, funky odor that can really "knock your socks off"!!!

Naturally, you should shower daily, wear clean socks and try not to wear the same shoes every day. Shoes need to air out.

When you apply Refresh Rx Odor Eliminating Powder to the interior of footwear for seven straight days, Refresh Rx will totally eliminate all obnoxious odors in your footwear, socks and feet.

After initial treatment, you should re-apply once a week to maintain the freshness. This regimen of treatment will keep feet and footwear fresh and odor-free indefinitely.

You can be sure that by using Refresh Rx, stinky feet and footwear will NEVER be a problem again!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Why does Refresh Rx Shoe and Boot foot powder work?
What happens is this in layman terms: the shoes "stink" and have a funky sour odor. ...why! It is not your personal hygiene, it is because moisture builds up inside the shoe or boot. Your hard working feet grow bacteria causing a foul odor which sticks to the shoes and socks creating "smelly feet". Our powder´s active ingredients remove the odor-causing bacteria.

Will the powder make my feet itch?
No, it has been tested on numerous people. No one has claimed that our product causes itching.

Will the powder cause any redness or irritation?
No one has reported this.

If I have no body odor and shower daily, then why do my feet smell so bad?
Good point. Showering takes away daily sweat but when you take your clean feet and put them in a shoe or boot that still has those cute little organisms lurking around, they will attach to your socks and feet and bingo, you have "stinky feet syndrome". Yuk!!!! You have to get rid of the microorganisms for good. Our Shoe and Boot powder will take care of this.

What is the medical term for stinky feet?
It is called Bromodrosis - sound nasty, right? It is like bad breath of the toes!

How does this product differ from all other foot products?
Our product does not contain any filler. Our powder has bacteria controlling ingredients that halt the cause of odors rather than trying to mask them with perfumes. Shoe and Boot foot powder will 100% eliminate foot related odors. Our product is economical and IT WORKS!


Use about 1/2 teaspoon in each shoe; sprinkle powder evenly to cover the entire inside of footwear and let it sit overnight.

Use daily for seven days and your footwear will remain fresh and clean.

After weekly application, you may choose to apply the powder once a week. This treatment will last up to six months.

In children´s shoes and sneakers use a smaller amount. Children who do not wear socks know what "funky foot odor" is and they will be surprised that their shoes will no longer smell.

Do not apply directly to the foot nor sprinkle the powder on an open wound. There are no harmful side effects that have been reported.

When wearing a sandal, there is plenty of air around your feet. If you sprinkle the powder onto an open shoe, the powder will fly away. It is best to use in a closed shoe, sneaker or boot.

Your feet will thank you as well as your family and pets

This foot odor is called Bromodrosis. The "Brow" part of the word comes from the Greek word for bad smell Using Refresh Rx will totally eliminate these odors from your footwear.

The application of Refresh Rx is quick
If the smell in your shoes makes you sick
Sprinkle powder each day
Until the stench goes away
And your feet will smell fresh, sweet & slick

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