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Common Fungal Problems

Athlete's foot and fungal nails are the most common fungal problems with feet. A fungus is a common mold that thrives in dark, warm moist areas. On the feet, it can grow on and between toes, as well as on soles and toenails. Fungal problems can be a result of the environment (socks, shoes, heat and humidity) or weakened immunity from such disorders as diabetes.

Chronic fungal infections are most common in adults, while acute fungal infections are seen more often in children. Catching the fungus is due to an inability of your body to fight off the fungus once you catch it. The suscaptability is inherited. If you have athletes feet use of antifungal foot powders in your shoes along with antifungal cremes can be beneficial. Athletes feet and extensive fungal nail infections are best treated with prescription oral medications. Our office can treat these and get rid of them for you.

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